23 Jan '14

Bitcoin: Saving Lives

Jason King, founder of Sean’s Outpost has been a prominent figure in the Bitcoin community for his charity work with the homeless of Pensacola, USA.

Sean’s Outpost claims to be one of the first and largest bitcoin based charity in the world.

"We think bitcoin is going to solve a lot of problems for people." - Jason King
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King, who envisions the camp as a sustainable refuge for the county’s homeless, purchased and cleaned up nine acres of land that had been an illegal dumping ground, naming the area Satoshi Forest. The whole operation is largely funded through Bitcoin donations and has become the poster-child of bitcoin charity.

Tristan Winters, founding member of the Bitcoin Association of Australia and active member of the ice3x.com exchange team, has been encouraging the use of Bitcoin in Africa to the less fortunate.

“It’s not that Bitcoin has a bad image in Africa. It has no image at all. In that way it is a clean slate” says Winters. “African community organisations, doing good work but struggling to survive, come to us.”

Ice3x is one of only two operational exchanges on the African continent, giving organisations a bitcoin wallet with zero fees.

One of those who approached Winters for assistance was local animal inspector and SPCA head, Suzette Kotze, who deals with at least 20 extreme animal abuse cases every month.


This is where Bitcoin donations can truly save lives. Kotze needs to raise at least 30,000 Rand (approx. 3.15 BTC) to keep her SPCA open and is appealing for donations through the ice3x page here.

Donations using Bitcoin ensure funds go directly to people in need, without banks and payment processors taking a cut. Bitcoin is truly a blessing for charities of all sizes.

The BitGive Foundation aims to leverage the power of the Bitcoin community to improve public health and the environment world-wide by establishing a multi-million dollar investment fund.

As a part of last years Bitcoin Black Friday, BitGive raised $4,850 for Save the Children for their Typhoon Haiyan Children’s Relief Fund.

The generosity of the Bitcoin community is heartwarming and serves to show how innovations in technology have a very real impact on people’s lives and wellbeing.