Get 1 Bitcoin Silicone Wristband For Just $5 USD
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What's The Deal ?
I have produced a limited run of Bitcoin silicone wristbands. Each order will receive 1 wristband.
Silicone wristbands are perfect for businesses, charities and individuals. Just like Bitcoin!
Silicone is flexible, durable, hygenic and resistant to heat and colour fade. Just like Bitcoin!

I designed and produced these wristbands for the Bitcoin community.
The amount I'm asking just covers the cost of production and postage.

I will post orders that are paid in any Bitcoin amount above $5 USD equivalent, where I've taken the market rate from

Where Should I Send It ?
$5.00 USD = 0.0007624 BTC.

Please fill in the form on the left.
Once completed, click this Bitcoin button to generate a unique public address and QR code for this order.

Please send at least 0.0007624 BTC to:

Payment Received [[value]] BTC. Thank You.

Hey, I Want More Than Just 1 Wristband!
If you would like to order more than a couple of wristbands, pricing discounts are available.

In-Stock Pricing

10 - 20 units = 10% discount included @ USD $4.50 ea
20 - 50 units = Up to 15% discount @ USD $4.25 ea

Made To Order Bulk Pricing

NOTE: Bulk orders have a 3 week fulfillment time (from the time of ordering to final delivery).

100 units = USD $2.25 ea ( TOTAL: 0.034308 BTC )
500 units = USD $ 0.85 ea ( TOTAL: 0.064804 BTC )
1000 units = USD $0.60 ea ( TOTAL: 0.091488 BTC )

* USD/BTC conversion may vary at time of order.

How To Order Larger Quantities?

It's so easy, we can organise it through email. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Hope you love them as much as I do!